Our Inspiration





Randy Ewen


He was a son, a brother, a friend, a husband,

a father, a godfather, an uncle, too.

A father-in-law, a grandfather, an entrepreneur

and was there a sport he didn’t do?


He was great at all of these roles; we all know this to be true.

And if you ever needed some wheels, Boy, did he have a car for you!!


His mother, his father, his sister and brother – of them he was so proud.

At all the parties going on Ginny, Elly, Julie, Scott – they’d all be around.


His hearty laugh – I can still hear it – we’ve heard it for many years,

to think we won’t hear it again – is enough to bring one to tears…


He loved his golf – his hole-in-one – what a special day.

He ordered the customary “round of drinks” and then was GLAD to pay!


Although he traveled quite a bit – You know his favorite place?

Wherever he was called “Papa” and saw Jack and Lexi’s faces…


He was an avid Yankee/Giant fan, but he loved UCONN most.

“Go Huskies!” he would always say; about UCONN he would boast.


His annual trip to the Dolphin game was always number one.

Every year he made the trek with his best friend, Kelly, his son.


The daughter he never had showed up one day as Ali…

The love he had for this sweet girl was from his heart so totally.


He had a girl and Donna was her name. She was the love of his life.

They were a couple for about forty years, a wonderful husband and wife.


Randy had a lot of friends from every walk of life;

He always seemed to be there through their time of strife.


He was someone you could count on, he was always there for you.

His friendship was a blessing – I know this to be true.


He was the best friend a friend could have – he loved us with all his heart.

So when we’re lonely and sick at heart, let’s hear his laugh while we’re apart.


Let’s turn to each other as friends of his and help each other out,

and bury our sorrow in doing good deeds as that’s what he was about.