"I wish to go... to Italy for Cooking Lessons!"


"If you could have your one true wish come true, what would it be?"  This question can send the human imagination on the adventure of a lifetime, thinking about the countless possibilities and opportunities that never before would have ever crossed one's mind.


Anne, a teenage girl from Wilton, had the chance to think about what her answer to that question would be.  Anne has had to go through what most kids her age will never experience.  She has had to battle a life-threatening medical condition that would take her away from so many of the daily routines she loved as a high school senior, and would fill her reality with doctors, hospital visits, and medical treatments.  But when Anne was asked that one unique question - "If you could have your one true wish come true, what would it be?" - It was then that Anne realized that she could turn a fantasy into a reality.


Anne has always had a love of cooking.  But to learn to cook in the old, true Italian style would be a dream come true.  Anne's true wish was to take cooking lessons in Italy.


Anne and her family traveled to the breathtaking city of Rome and explored the remarkable structures such as the Monument of Vittorio Emanuele, the Colosseum, the Vatican, and even remembered to throw coins into the Trevi Fountain.  But this was just the beginning... soon Anne's wish was going to come true.  Later in the week, Anne spent a full day with Fabio, the owner of "That's Amore" restaurant, and received a personal cooking lesson.  By the end of the day Anne had made four different types of pasta from scratch including ravioli, gnocchi, cavatelli, and spaghetti!


After roaming around the city of Rome, Anne and her family ventured to Florence to spend a few more days exploring Italy.  They toured the city, including the Academia Gallery with the Statue of David and even climbed to the top of the Duomo.  Next stop was a Tuscan cooking lesson in the countryside and a tour of an incredible vineyard to finish off their unforgettable trip.


Learning how to cook a true Italian meal from scratch was an inspiration to Anne.  She came home with a bright smile toward her future, and this Fall began her college studies towards becoming a Registered Dietician.


This magical trip to Italy and the memories it created is an experience that Anne and her family will never forget.

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