"I wish to go... to Hawaii!"


Beautiful beaches, sunshine, warm weather and a relaxing atmosphere is what you think of when you think of Hawaii.  In Catherine's case, it was everything she could have wished for.  Her wish to go to Hawaii with her family was a dream come true.


Catherine is a thirteen year old girl from Connecticut.  Unlike other kids her age, Catherine has had to deal with the realities that come with being diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition.  Instead of being with her friends during such a precious time in a young girl's life, Catherine was visiting with doctors, staying in hospitals, and fighting through difficult treatments.  But Catherine kept her head held high, and her determination never waivered through it all.  As hard as the fight was, Catherine was going to win.


When Catherine was asked what her one true wish would be, she knew exactly what she wanted... and needed.  Catherine's wish was to relax in the tropical paradise of Hawaii with her family.


Catherine's trip gave her time away from treatments and the stress that came with them.  She enjoyed the warm Pacific waters, she rode horses, and she enjoyed a constant view of her island paradise.  Hawaii provided an escape for Catherine and her entire family, a family that has constantly supported and fought right alongside Catherine each and every day.


"It gave our family time together to enjoy and cherish each other's company and the love we share.  We know we are blessed to have Catherine with us here today and we really appreciate the generosity of the people involved in making her wish come true." said Catherine's mom.


For Catherine and her entire family, this was more than a vacation.  It was a chance to be together, to recharge their batteries, and to celebrate their lives as a family.

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