"I wish to go... to Walt Disney World!"


Drew is a 5-year old boy who absolutely loves Disney.  Whether it's actually being in Walt Disney World or watching the Disney Channel, Drew cannot get enough of his favorite fantasy world.  Unlike others his age though, Drew battles a life-threatening medical condition.  Though life has not been easy, he continues to live with a huge smile on his face.


It was ever-fitting that when Make-A-Wish asked him what his one true wish was he knew exactly what to say; another trip to Walt Disney World!  Even though this would be his third time going, Drew just couldn't imagine going anywhere else.  Third time is the charm, right? Before leaving for Disney, Make-A-Wish had a big surprise for Drew.


His family brought him to Wood Acre Farms in Terryville, where he was greeted by many people, including his cousins!  Here, they gave Drew his very own cape, crown, and scepter before sending him off in a carriage ride throughout the park.  How fitting!  He then got to enjoy some pizza and find out that his wish had been granted and he'd be leaving for the most magical place on earth.


Drew and his family were then whisked away in a limo to begin their magical adventure at Give Kids the World Resort in Disney.  Here they had the time of their lives with perfect temperatures all week to enjoy all the parks festivities.  Drew got to meet the different Disney characters, and he and his family even got to have a wonderful breakfast with Cinderella at her Royal Table!  From front-of-the-line passes to all forms of special treatment everywhere they turned, Drew's trip to Walt Disney World was definitely one for the record books.


"He had just a really, really great time," Drew's mother shared with us.  Drew's wish was a perfect opportunity for him and his family to forget the worry and stress of doctor visits and focus on having a wonderful time together.  They were able to relax and escape it all, while experiencing something they will never forget.

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