"I wish to go... to Atlantis!"


Nate is 12 years old and lives with his family in Canton, Connecticut. Nate loves the outdoors - playing with his brother, digging for worms, playing baseball, having a catch, and even fishing.  He loves the chance to be outside, enjoys running around, the sun and the fresh air.  But unlike other kids his age, Nate was diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition that took him away from all those things he loved most as a typical 12-year-old and forced him to put them on hold... forced him to put his childhood on hold.


Nate has always had a love of new adventures and new experiences.  So when he was asked what his one true wish would be, he decided this was a chance to wish for something that combined his love of the water, the outdoors and new adventures all into one.  Nate's one true wish was to swim with a real live dolphin and "fish in a really awesome place."  So Nate and his family packed their bags and were sent off to the magical destination of Atlantis in the Bahamas!


While there, Nate had the experience of a lifetime.  He and his family swam with dolphins, enjoyed the warm weather and sun, relaxed in the pools and rode the water slides, and of course, experienced the beautiful, clear blue waters of the great southern Atlantic Ocean.  Nate's tropical paradise and adventure vacation with his family had become a reality, and it was nothing short of spectacular.


But bigger than the grand pools, bigger than the boat trips and the ocean, bigger than the tropical sun... Nate and his family were able to take some time for themselves, they were able to create memories that will last a lifetime, and they were able to remember, and re-experience, the hope, strength and joy that a family should enjoy every day of their lives. This was truly a wish come true.


"It was such a wonderful trip that we'll remember forever.  Thank you so much!" - Nate's mom

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