"I wish to go... to Island Dolphin Care!"


Haley loves to listen to music, swim and be with her family.  Although Haley does not speak, her parents knew she would love to participate in a therapeutic swim with the dolphins.  Haley's wish was to go to Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo, Florida.


The Island Dolphin Care provides trained therapists to help children relax and become comfortable swimming in the water with dolphins.  Joined by her mom, dad and brother for the five day Dolphin Time-Out Program, Haley started off her visit at the center by attending an education course.


"It was incredible.  It was the best time of my daughter's life and the best thing I have ever done for my daughter," said Haley's mother, Ann Marie.  "I knew she would love it because she loves water and water is so good for her.  It was amazing because she did more than just touch the dolphins.  They did other types of therapy like arts and crafts."


From there, Haley was able to learn, swim and play with the therapists and dolphins for four days of her trip.  She even got to meet up with ther sister and niece who resides in Florida.  Haley gave huge smiles, as she floated in the water with an instructor.


Haley made tremendous strides while in therapy at Island Dolphin Care.  The therapists put "yes" and "no" buttons in front of her and started to ask her questions.  Haley began to reach across her body to press the buttons to answer the questions.  She even identified the first initial of her name with an "H" button.  She had never done this before!


"Island Dolphin Care Program is amazing and a very special place and Make-A-Wish is very special for making it happen for us," said Ann Marie.


Haley hopes to one day re-visit Island Dolphin Care for more therapy and time with dolphins.

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